Generation Now 2015 | fromtheheart

“For he says, ‘In the time of my favour I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.'” 2C62a

Time and time again, God renders me speechless with the amazing and powerful things that He does during camps. I just returned from camp yesterday, the 15th Dec, and as this year’s Camp Commandant, I have seen Him move the hearts of our generation, I’ve heard testimonies of youth who have had their lives changed. I felt His presence so strongly from day 1 through to day 4. I can’t even begin to describe how blessed my committee and I have been, and how I have been led to have such a heart for this generation of youth who walked into our doors on a Saturday morning. I have been so expectant of what He was about to do in this camp, and God never once failed to turn up.

The amazing thing about being in the presence of God was that I didn’t have to be listening to our great guest speaker Pastor Andy Harrison of Planetshakers to hear God’s voice, I didn’t have to be in a session to feel Him near me. I know that He used me specifically for this camp, and He had complete control of camp no matter how many things didn’t go our way.

I wasn’t originally listed as the devotional leader for Clan Bloodhound, one out of ten teams at camp. But their girl devo leader last minute couldn’t make it, so I volunteered. It was doing devotion with the girls of that team when I really got to hear about God’s hand in their lives and became so touched by their testimonies. Nearly every single one had a story to share and something to say about experiencing the love of Christ in camp and outside of camp. Needless to say, I know He put me there for purpose, and I got letters and hugs from them just thanking me for being their devo leader.

Letters I received were the evidence that God used me to impact the lives of the youth through this camp. I’m definitely not bragging, because I know that in preparation for camp and the days praying and fasting and expecting God to make His move, the camp was 110% His. Sure, the committee has worked hard, but more importantly we served Him and did everything only to glorify Him. This blog post is only my testimony of what I have seen God do in my life and the lives of my generation through this camp.

Many of my highlights had to do with the campers. Whether it was praying for some of them during altar call, talking to them about their walk with God, giving them a hug, or being led by little Josh to the taps after having a handful of flour smacked in my face and blinding me (thanks Hong Yeow), everything was so dear to my heart. I felt like I could have gone home after the first morning already happy because I knew my generation had already encountered God on the first night.

It rained on the second day, in the middle of station games. Without a doubt, the games department got a little bit stuck in the mud (pun intended) on what to do, because the entire game was meant to be played outdoors. Kally, my right-hand woman and mentor for games took over and improvised, after a big miscommunication and lack of a plan B. In place of the outdoor games that couldn’t be done because of the storm, we conducted a game of 5 teams vs. 5 teams, of dodgeball. It wasn’t easy for us because the indoor stadium was massive, had echoes and was really hard to hear anyone because of the rain. Eventually, we still managed to play and most of the campers still had fun.

From that instance we learnt a good deal of things about communication, better preparation and to come up with a plan B. It definitely didn’t go according to our plan, but we went on knowing that it had to be a part of God’s plan. The youth were so gracious and had such good spirits, no one complained (though they had every reason to), and it really just helped the committee and leaders to get back on our feet. Camp would not be camp without the campers, and to me, that’s what my heart is for, to see every one of them receive a touch from God, which is exactly what He did.

Despite all the blips and blops and technical things that didn’t go as well, and the stuff that we didn’t foresee happening, He was so faithful and stood by us the whole way through. He was our foundation and our cornerstone, and everything that happened was put into place by Him only. We could definitely use improvements on the explanation of games, a thorough run through briefing of games, and when and what to say when there’s a problem with rooming the whole system, but overall, camp was amazing. (The PA guy got saved PTL!!!)

Super big thanks to my team who so hardworkingly planned and organised camp:

Ryan, Kally, Fred + Ps. Jon (look him up and checkout his website – The Commandants x

Elle, Hwa Ern, Lindy, Jasmine, Debra, Spencer, Ernest – My Logistics Team

Gabrielle, Natania, Joshua, Magdalene, Didi, Nicol, Timothy – Our Games Team

Chloe, Vinnie – Our Treasurer + Bank

Sean – Worship Crew

BIG BIG BIG THANKS TO NarrowStreet Leaders who helped with registration, who helped to clean up after us, who went back to collect the walkie talkies we left behind, who prayed with us and for us, who led morning prayer meetings even when half the committee couldn’t wake up, who guided us and gave us feedback and advice, who believed in us and helped us learn from our mistakes.

It’s been an amazing experience working with all these people throughout the duration of camp, and an even more awesome one witnessing people encounter God on such a deep level. May Christ be glorified and the Devil be horrified!

Out of this camp rose a generation who would stand in the gap for their unbeliever friends, families, for their schools, for their nation and for the rest of this generation. Out of this camp rose the generation who would impact the next generation to be the now generation. Out of this camp rose a generation who desires to be chosen by God, to walk around knowing that they are empowered to succeed, blessed, forgiven and loved. A generation who loves God, who lives with the Holy Spirit following them, who overflows with His love, His joy, His strength and wisdom.

“I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.” – 2 Corinthians 6:2


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