She was a wildflower,

Her features soft as snow.

She bloomed in the springtime,

Raring a heart made of gold.

Her smile shone throughout the night,

Brighter than every star in the sky;

Her eyes said more than words could tell,

Her laugh a resounding wishful spell.


Then gloom cast down

O’er the wildflower’s bed,

Reporting the words

That should never be said.

“You are nothing more than an empty head

An eyesore with the fragility of an egg,

You do not carry a grace with you,

Every footfall of yours would the people see through.

You are not loved, not accepted,

Only disliked and rejected,

Oh, I promise you this is true;

Never in your life will a man honour you.”


To this she smiled and responded,

“Oh liar, pray tell,

Were you not as I was once as well?

But my differences decorate the glow inside me,

In Him have I found my identity.

What good comes from speaking foul,

Of a stranger whose life you befell?

I will not be silenced,

I will speak for what is right.

I may stumble and I may fall,

But I shall never give up this fight.

For the war He will win,

This you know is true,

He has taken His crown

Of far more value than the Crown Jewels.

And in the very last day

Only He will have the final say.

A mockingbird will sing the anthem of the Kingdom,

The thrushes in harmony with the Song of Solomon.

Then will I stand, proud and accepted,

Forever in His grace, loved and empowered.”


The wildflower’s words rung in the air,

Oblivious to the liars’ wicked stare.

For she only spoke truth and from her mouth it was so,

Man’s sinful nature was forsaken

And in that moment he would know,

A wildflower blossoms in every one’s heart,

Yearning to be loved, accepted and owning popular cards.

But what is most important is that they know;

It doesn’t matter when or where, what or who

No, it doesn’t matter who cares,

For there is a God who says,

“I do.”



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