The Theory Of Everything.

I did a movie review in English Language class sometime late last year, and I felt like putting it up here. Here’s a little taste of the various things I write. x

The Theory Of Everything.

Cleverly directed by James Marsh and adapted by double British Academy Awards (BAFTA) winner Anthony McCarten, The Theory Of Everything is a witty, moving and grappling biographical romantic drama based on the life of the great physicist Stephen Hawking. As the nominee of ten BAFTA nominations and the winner of three of those ten, the film introduces us to the “real, breathing, sweating world that British theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking calls his own”, writes Peter Travers from Rolling Stone a year ago on November 5, 2014.

Eddie Redmayne, who plays Stephen Hawking in the film, puts on a remarkable performance as a character who requires a miracle to portray perfectly, with its merging of physical and emotional challenges alongside sky-high dreams. As evidence of his amazing skills, Redmayne’s collection of accolades from the film includes an Oscar at the Academy Awards for Best Actor, a BAFTA for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and the Golden Globe. His co-star, Felicity Jones, terrifically backs up his role as Jane Wilde, the hopeful backbone of Hawking’s life-altering disease. She herself won the BAFTA for Best Actress in a Leading Role and was nominated at the Oscars for Best Actress.

The film embarks on a mission to carry its audience through the life of Jane Hawking’s husband, who, instead of being reduced to a genius martyred by ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is first presented as a young, geeky Cambridge student discovering love with poet and chorale singer Jane Wilde. Our hearts ambitious for their future, we travel through on a roller coaster of conflicted feelings as watch every scene in the movie unfold, learning more and more about the reality and human emotion Stephen feels as he is finds himself trapped in the progressively advancing neurodegenerative disease that begins to take control over his body.

The Theory Of Everything spares no time in holding back the harsh and painful depression Hawking goes through, as it draws fresh-faced Jane into his life, who in turn draws Stephen’s denial and hurt away from his life and brings them together in an unconditional love. Her determination to love Stephen through his illness brings a source of light into his life as well as ours. Through his growing frustration at being unable to do daily necessities, the loss of his speech, and continuing to pursue a single equation which explains all existence, she is the constant foundation in his life. The film grows both Stephen and Jane on an astounding level, through completely real emotions and dreams to go above and beyond limitations of the flesh.

The real Jane Hawking, now aged 71, whose book “Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen” set the foundation of this film, praised Jones’ astounding performance in conveying so vividly the same overwhelming range of emotion she herself felt throughout her life with her ex-husband, Stephen Hawking. Similarly, Hawking’s acclamation of Eddie Redmayne’s remarkable fruition brought tears to his eyes, saying “At times I thought he was me. I think Eddie’s commitment will have a big emotional impact.” By and by, if you’ve watched it, we all know it did.

The movie touches very lightly on the breakdown of their marriage, as Stephen grows in love with his caretaker, Elaine Mason, and tireless Jane painstakingly continues to build her life around her husband’s. She becomes attracted to, and eventually marries, her warm-hearted choirmaster, Jonathan Jones, who genuinely cares for not only her but Stephen and her children as well. Ultimately, at the end of the film and despite all that has taken place since the pair met one another in Cambridge, Hawking still requests Jane to be with him as he receive the Order of Merit from the Queen.

All in all, The Theory Of Everything proved to be a feat in itself, and without hesitation the most riveting, one-of-a kind love stories to ever exist. Although some critics may say the film lost its grip on the happy-ever-after dreamers will always hope for, the realistic mixture of the painful truth and the phase of time creates even more substance about the very human nature of our being. Its storyline, which throws us from exceptional insight to emotional provocation, tireless dedication and grappling science, undoubtedly makes it the movie-to-watch for the year, and amongst the list of movies that are sure to bind your heart no matter how many times you fix your eyes on the major motion picture.


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