To Be-Long(ed) For | fromtheheart

“Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but Who holds the future.”

Time and time again we are encountered by circumstances which cause us to question where we came from, and where we are going. It is only normal to experience rejection in this world, the pain we feel when we are left alone, when it seems that everything you have ever known comes tumbling down before you. It is also normal to be told that everything will be fine, you’re just going through a phase.

But this; this is so much more difficult to do when you feel like you have nowhere to run to.

Don’t you agree?

We know what and who to believe in. We know how good and powerful our God is with all the miracles He has done and all the stories we have heard. We know all of these because of our head knowledge of the security that can be found in God and that He has it in control. We know that we should trust him wholeheartedly with everything we’ve got.

But when your insecurities creep in, threatening to break you— It is so much more difficult to remind ourselves that God is there without really knowing who, and whose, you are.

You belong to Him. You belong to somebody powerful, someone who calls the shots in the creation  of you, me, and the entire universe. He is the Guy who put the stars in the sky and the birds in the air, who sees you in your mourning and when you’re in need, and when you breakdown alone in your room, He sees your silent tears fall and He bottles them up. He is there.

This isn’t enough to explain His power and the unlimited greatness of His being. The reason why we fail to recognise this is because sometimes we get so caught up in being good enough for the world that we miss the fact that we are already good enough for God. He has already accepted you just as you are, and He loves you despite how unloved everybody else makes you feel.

If this security is what you want, first realise that this is something you have to learn to experience on your own.

Being a perfectionist, this security and approval is exactly the thing I struggled with last year. I am a people pleaser, not necessarily a bad thing but not always a good thing either. In addition to that, I place such a high expectation upon myself to excel in everything that I do, whether be it in academics, sports or serving the King of all Kings. But it is not always possible to please people and stay true to yourself at the same time.

I encountered a situation a couple times in the last quarter of 2015 where I felt like I had a million and one things to do and a hundred problems to fix that everything thrown at me was too much to handle. I had a complete emotional breakdown because even though I was doing my best, I still wasn’t good enough to be where everyone else wanted me to be. I wanted to give up, to quit trying until I was reminded why I was doing what I was doing and who I was doing it for.

As I write this over the course of these few days I believe that it is important for us as believers to know that no matter how hard we try, we can never be perfect. Perfection is something unattainable to mankind, something only Jesus Christ can be. Heh, we as human beings in our sin are far, far, far from perfect.

But the thing that constantly amazes me about God is that our imperfection doesn’t stop Him from loving us. In fact, it’s this imperfection that allows Him to show us just how His love can make us whole. He can mend the holes in your confidence and set you free from sin. He breaks off chains that give you the “I need to be this, I need to be that” mentality. He creates little blessings in your life everyday to help you realise that you wouldn’t have those infinities if you were not who you are. He loves you just as you are.

 You don’t need to be anybody else to beloved by the Person who loved you even before you were an embryo.

 You don’t need to be taller, have higher cheekbones or toned arms to be loved by Him.

 You don’t need to have the “perfect” family or the lifelong friends to be able to experience the unconditional love He has for you.

 You don’t need to get amazing grades or be the top of the class or have an outstanding extracurricular report to understand that His love is more than enough.

All you need to be is you.

 He wants you to come as you are before Him and let Him take over.

For me, this really all there is to it, about being okay with not being perfect. Know that you belong to Him and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He has gone before you and created a plan so unimaginably divine for your life. He has got you in the palm of your hand and you belong to Him. You are His child, the most precious thing any parent can ask for. What’s even more mind-blowing is that you inherit the blessings that He has laid out for His children who love Him and put Him first. This is who He has created you to be, not just a friend and follower but His son and daughter.

This is your identity. He longs to be with you. You belong with Him. So the next time you feel insecure, unimportant or insecure, come as you are to Him and let Him remind you, that Who you belong to is really everything you will ever need.


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