You guarded your heart with wineglass

and you wonder

How you let this happen again.

You nurse your brokenness with your shards of tears

drowning in the pool of red and salt water,

wishing your Romeo would come save you from this pit.

You bandage your wounds with the photographs

of his arms around you,

with a kiss you planted on his cheek.

You wrap your fragile heart with pages

and pages, of dark ink and hurt

thinking that maybe the words you’ve written

will someday replace what you’ve lost to him.


The ears that once heard beautiful things said,

enveloped in old ballads that bleed your heart to its core.

You wash your bruises with cold memories

of his shadow against yours.

Will your heart find refuge in this hospital you’ve built?

Where your stitches hang on threads of words

you remember him declaring,

Where you peel off your scabs and fall apart

because you refused to stop believing in a chance,

in a hope conceived by your broken spirit

and the sound of his breathing in his slumber.


You try to convince yourself that you no longer love him,

when you already know it is far from true

“I can do this on my own”

You hide behind your facade in gloom.

You need healing, and healing

not in this twisted hospital of yours

not where visiting hours are limited to none

not where your friends have to watch

as your nurse your broken wings in the ICU,

with the songs that remind you of him

with photographs, and maybe a blade or two.


Your friends,

they wait for you to come to

Battling amongst themselves in question,

“What do we do?”

You hid in your shelter made from parchment and paper

burnt by fire, soaked and torn by rain.

Your friends,

they hurt along with you.

None of them are angry, nor have they given up on you.

“You are better, and you are more”

Remember those words and why they were said

Angel, don’t hesitate for a second

because you know it is true

You are not defined by the crooked outline of your broken heart

or the angry slits of crimson that cross the widths of your wrists.


Your friends,

they love you no less

for finding solace in the glint of steel on your skin.

But your Maker took your lines

on the length of His body

so yours could be healed.

He’s opened the door for you

to see that you’re not locked up by the bars you’ve built

Your weights have been lifted and so have you

You don’t have to hide in the shadows of the girl you once were,

why don’t you realise that you are no longer her.


Your broken wings aren’t mended

by pages full of professions,

Neither are they straightened

by the ballads of empty confessions.

Darling, please, when will you come to realise

that your cell has already been unlocked?

Your chains have been broken

by a Love greater

than the one that bound you.

This is a Love not made out of fear,

It is a Love not pierced by the shards of your broken heart

 lying in pieces on a gravel road.

This is a Love beyond your own doing,

the same Love you could only dream of accepting.


So turn around now in your white dress of rags and muddled hair

You’re no longer captive behind the bars that you’ve set.

You have Liberty beyond reason and a fearless Love

on your doorstep.

Will you look out the window and see

that He’s made you for more?

Will you stand up with your Saviour

and finally walk out the door?

Your wings have been healed, your wounds finally mended

Your scars will fade, they signify you’re a fighter.

Your dress has been stitched, rinsed and dry cleaned too

Angel, look at you, you’ve become brand new.

Now your heart is soft because you’ve let light in,

kissed by the hope of a Promise that will fulfil

your greatest dreams, desires and endless treasures

stored up in Heaven where the grass never withers.

You look back and see the person you once were,

bound by bitterness and a broken heart

And for the first time since

You smile, because you choose to be joyful

You heal, because you chose to trust God.



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