You were once before so conflicted,

in a mound of depth beyond calculation.

But now you’re a survivor who has surpassed his storm;

You conquered this ocean and taken newfound shore

Does the sand seem familiar,

or even ring a bell-

Perhaps sparking memory of the girl

you once knew so well?


Where did you go,

o’ sailor of mine?

Did you battle your fears

and become a captain overnight?

Every part of me knows

the answer to that is “no”;

You’ve overcome sorrow,

trudged through land and snow.

Climbed your highest mountain,

and now on a downward slope;

but wherever will you go,

with your young heart of hope?

Homebound, no doubt, for there is treasure that you’ll find,

but forget you not that she too,

walked the currents of high tide.


When the tide came in it brought your presents blest


the song of a siren carried on ocean’s tempest.


was the world’s worth of rubies in one pure gold heart.

Yet three,

was the epiphany that the science of loving her

was more of an art.

You called her not undeserving,

but far worthy of more.

Give her a thousand pearls you might,

yet all you’ve is an oyster void of core.

Perhaps one day you’ll remember,

that every shell needs its time

and when your understanding has reached its depth

then will ocean and shore be entwined.


I am the ocean,

and you, the shore.

May we one day be lost,

and another night found;

Lost in the darkness

yet eternally bound.


I am the ocean,

and you, a sailor.

Though you vanish from sight

for months end to come,

You return with my heart

when your siren’s song is sung.


I am the ocean,

and you, my horizon.

Separated by nothing yet

met solely with light;

You are where I am,

if only within sight.


“I was there when he established the heavens, when he drew the horizon on the oceans.”

Proverbs 8:27


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