Caged and kept guarded

from a prince whose heart

was made of pure gold,

him whose breaths

finely woven into my own.

But these threads of silver

were intertwined through,

the solid bass of his heartbeat

that was never mine to choose.


Where has my song vanished to?

That tears brought no comfort,

strong-will ceased to stand

the mountain of time and distance

carried forth the battle between God and man.

Shards of my heart tethered to the promise

that you would keep mine safe;

so how did I break my own?

My fingers bleed crimson,

the pieces no longer laced.

How is my lifeline beating,

when I lack the throb of your pulse?

On which waves shall I walk,

should there be one grain of doubt?


Yet you were a part of me that went missing –

or this is what my mind perceived.

The sorrow I gave you did not return;

you were always the artist,

so you took this sorrow and you painted our breeze.

On this ocean it lay bare

this soul you earned, the affection I declared.

So my horizon stilled, upon dawn I’ll wait

for first light to enter through

this darkened gate.

You would not have me if I was not whole.

So for a moment,

this heartbeat is not yours

it is mine to hold.




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